GT-3600 slipform paver

GT-3600 Slipform Paver


Everything You've Asked for in a Curb and Gutter Machine!

• 24 inch (610 mm) Radius

• Selective Steer System

• G+® Control System

• Fast Job-Site Mobility

• Simultaneous Trim/Pour

• Sideshifting Trimmerhead

• Vertical Adjusting Trimmerhead

• Vertical Adjusting Mold

• Sideshifting Mold

• High Production

• Designed for Transportability

• Operator Remote Control for Travel

• Designed with Safety in Mind

• Excellent Operator Visibility

• Stringline or 3D Guidance



Multi-Application and More...

Ribbon Curb... Curb & Gutter... Bridge Parapet... Median Barrier... Sidewalk... Recreational Trail... Irrigation Canals & V-Ditch... Simultaneous Trimming & Slipforming... Minimum-Clearance... Slipforming Over Caged Reinforced Steel... Feeding Longitudinal Rebar... 




GOMACO GT-3600 Concrete Curb & Gutter Slipform Machine
4 minutes 55 seconds





GOMACO & Topcon Concrete Solutions
Simultaneous Paving With A GT-3600 & Xtreme Commander IIIx
Oregon, Wisconsin
41 seconds








Featuring Versatility and Dependability Worldwide

GOMACO's GT-3600 is one of the most versatile, dependable, and high-production curb and gutter machines with job-proven results throughout the world. The machine is designed with state-of-the-art technology and numerous standard features.

The three-track GT-3600 is a multi-application trimmer/slipform paver. Applications for this machine include curb and gutter, tight radii, cul-de-sacs, safety barriers, bridge parapets, sidewalks, recreational paths, and flat slabs up to 10 feet (3 m) wide. The GT-3600 features GOMACO's patented simultaneous trim/pour concept. The unique design, multiple sensors, and GOMACO's G+ control system allow the GT-3600 to automatically slipform a tight radius with ease.

A major consideration in the design is quick and easy job-to-job mobility. The GOMACO GT-3600 is carefully designed with safety features to give years of safe and dependable service. For operator and crew safety, there are emergency stop buttons located on the operator's console and at strategic points around the machine. Other safety features include track guards, warning decals, an operator's manual, and a safety manual. GOMACO machines are also designed to provide safety with the machine operator having maximum visibility over the entire paving operation.




GT-3600 slipform paver

The GT-3600 uses the simultaneous trim/pour process for maximum concrete utilization.




GT-3600 slipform paver tethered remote

The tethered remote allows the operator to control speed and steering while moving around the operator's platform. The travel control dial dictates the travel speed of the machine in either forward or reverse. The manual steer knob turns the tracks when the steer select knob is in any of the four manual positions.




One of the Fastest Tracking Speeds in the Industry

The two-speed track system provides fast job-site mobility. The travel speed on the GT-3600 three-track machine is up to 125 feet per minute (38 mpm). The low speed provides the smooth crawl necessary for slipforming concrete.

Another feature that makes this machine so versatile is All-Track Positioning (ATP) and All-Track Steering (ATS). Veteran concrete contractors who depend on their machines will testify to the advantages of ATP and ATS, such as getting around and avoiding obstacles, reducing setup time, ease in mounting molds, and loading and unloading for transportation. The Crab Steer feature makes it quick and easy to put the GT-3600 on line.

There are a lot of things you can do with an All-Track Positioning, All-Track Steer machine that would be difficult or impossible to do without it. A GOMACO machine with All-Track Steering is able to slipform a true radius because all of the tracks can turn as the paver maneuvers through the radius. All-Track Positioning gives your machine the ability to position all of the legs, based on requirements, to adapt to various applications.

Read more on the advantages of All-Track Steering (ATS) and All-Track Positioning (ATP).

Also featured on this machine are the piston-style legs for strength and low maintenance. The legs are equipped with "smart" steer cylinders. The cylinders, along with GOMACO's G+ control system, allow the operator to teach the "smart" cylinders the desired degree of leg rotation. This keeps the tracks from hitting any objects in a minimum-clearance situation.


GT-3600 slipform paver barrier graphic

The versatility of the GT-3600 allows for quick and efficient slipforming of safety barrier and bridge parapet.





Paving Without Stringline

GT-3600 slipform paver with 3D guidance

The GT-3600 with 3D machine guidance slipformed radii as tight as 2.5 feet (0.8 m) on this parking lot project in Tennessee.



GT-3600 slipform paver with 3D guidance

The GT-3600’s All-Track Steering, combined with the 3D system’s steering algorithms, allow smooth entrances and exits and tighter cornering for tight radii work.



Back in 1999, GOMACO first recognized the potential of 3D and began testing 3D on our equipment. Today, GOMACO equipment with 3D machine guidance is being successfully used on projects all around the world and in a variety of applications, including grade trimming, curb and gutter tight radii, tunnel floors and walkways, airport runways and aprons, highways, interstates, concrete overlays, municipal projects, safety barriers, golf cart paths, and more. GOMACO also has an entire in-house 3D controls department to sell, service, and support 3D guidance systems.

GOMACO has a close working relationship with the three major suppliers of 3D guidance, Topcon, Leica Geosystems, and Trimble. We’re able to provide our contractors with the best system for their project, whether it’s tight radii island paving in a parking lot or new bike path through a residential neighborhood.

Here’s how 3D stringless paving works: First of all, a 3D design file of the project has to be created. Contractors load the design file into their 3D system’s computer mounted on the GOMACO machine. G+ ConnectTM allows the two control systems, the machine’s G+® controller and 3D computer, to talk to each other. The operator on the GOMACO machine simply has to choose from a map on the computer where he wants to pave on the project. A display screen on the 3D control system shows the operator where he’s at on the project and lets him know that he’s positioned correctly. Total stations or laser transmitters and a GPS base station (depending on the 3D system being used), are positioned on the site and oriented to site control points. The instruments will communicate with the paver to provide position information, which is used for guidance.

GOMACO’s G+ control system has an entire library of sensor capabilities for controlling slope, grade and steer with set-up configurations for any project requirement. This includes paving with 3D guidance systems. It’s as simple as connecting with G+ Connect to the G+ control system and it recognizes the 3D system and communicates with them. 3D machine guidance eliminates the human error that can be involved with setting a physical stringline. 3D works from a digital model with a virtual stringline, which is a constant that cannot be physically changed.

“During paving, trucks or workers can accidentally hit the line causing stringline movement and errors in paving,” Kevin Klein, GOMACO’s Vice President of Engineering/Research & Development, said. “Conventional stringline is prone to displacement. Relying on a physical string measured and ‘eye-balled’ by workers for set up and accuracy can build error into the paving.”

Contractors no longer have to deal with the hardware of traditional stringline... the clamps, stakes, string, and the manpower necessary to set the stringline for the entire distance of the project. When working with stringline, workers are needed to monitor and maintain the line during the paving operation. Then, at the end of the day, a crew has to go out and gather and store all of the hardware.

Along with the time savings, 3D machine guidance increases job-site flexibility and improves jobsite logistics, such as not having to work around or be limited by stringline; no restrictions in getting concrete trucks in and out of the site; easier to pave in tight-clearance conditions because extra room for stringline is not needed; and the contractor has the ability to pave anywhere on the project at any time.




GOMACO's Hook-and-Go System is Quick & Easy

How Quick Can You Connect? Just Hook And Go!

hook and go graphic

GOMACO's Hook-and-Go mold mount system has no pins or latches and makes it quick and easy to change molds. Simply drive the GT-3600 up to the mold and hook the mount to a special attachment plate. The mold is then hydraulically lifted up and can go to work slipforming the project...just hook and go. New GT-3600 molds are built for this system and existing molds can easily be retrofitted in the field.




stainless steel troweling section

The exclusive, independent adjustable stainless steel troweling section seals and provides a superior GOMACO finish.




tight clearance paving

Tight-clearance paving is accomplished with the sideshifting capability of the mold.





GOMACO Hook-And-Go Mold-Mounting System For GOMACO Concrete Curb and Gutter Slipform Pavers
48 seconds





First in the Industry to Design a Three-Track Machine to Slipform A 24 inch (610 mm) Radius Curb

GT-3600 slipform paver

Sixteen islands and one longer island design in the center of this parking lot project were paved the first day on the job. This was also the first day the contractor paved with Topcon 3D guidance, integrated with the GOMACO G+ control system on their GOMACO GT-3600 curb and gutter machine.

Read more about this project in GOMACO World Vol. 42, No. 1.



GT-3600 slipform paver

The steer sensors automatically adjust trajectory in and out of tight radii as the GT-3600 moves forward.




• Unique design allows automatic adjustment of trajectory in and out of a tight radius

• Multiple sensors and mold positioning assures perfect placement of concrete through a tight radius.


A 24 inch (610 mm) radius curb is accomplished with the unique machine design, which includes but is not limited to operator station visibility, GOMACO's G+ control system, large capacity hopper, mold positioning, multiple sensors, and three-track versatility.

The GT-3600 is designed to eliminate guesswork and automatically adjusts trajectory in and out of a tight radius. The GT-3600 is equipped with three steer sensors. One sensor is located at the front of the mold (sensor 1); one is located at the front of the stainless (sensor 2); and one is aligned with the back of the stainless (sensor 3). As the GT-3600 enters the radius, the operator switches from sensor 1 to sensor 2 with a toggle switch. This concept is simulated in stringless guidance.

The mold on the GT-3600 is positioned to assure perfect placement of the concrete through a radius. Also important for a tight radius is travel speed, mix design, slump of concrete, and grade preparation.

The hopper on the GT-3600 is designed for extra concrete capacity. Loading the hopper and the 15 foot (4.6 m) long, 24 inch (610 mm) wide charging conveyor full prior to going into the radius allows for continuous travel through the radius without having to wait for another concrete delivery.




GOMACO GT-3600 Concrete Curb & Gutter Slipform Machine, Tight-Radii Island Paving With 3D Guidance
7 minutes 36 seconds




State-of-the-Art Technology Provides High Production, Versatility, and Easy Operation


Fast Concrete Loading Provides Increased Production

Fast concrete loading provides high-production results. There are two conveyor systems to choose from with the GOMACO GT-3600, the standard belt conveyor and the auger. The standard conveyor for the GT-3600 is 15 feet (4.6 m) long, 24 inches (610 mm) wide, and has a belt speed variable up to 284 feet per minute (86.6 mpm). It is hydraulically powered and reversible with a charging hopper. The belt conveyor is pivot mounted with hydraulic lift and positioning. The mold is designed with extra concrete capacity, to allow slipforming through a tight radius without waiting for concrete delivery.

An auger is also available that provides fast and efficient concrete flow. It has increased flighting spacing with a 16 inch (406 mm) diameter auger with full pitch, for efficient handling of concrete.



GT-3600 slipform paver hopper

The conveyor allows for fast delivery of concrete to the hopper. The access door can be opened for ease of clean up at the end of the day.




GT-3600 slipform paver auger

The GT-3600 has an optional auger available for concrete delivery.




GT-3600 slipform paver auger graphic

The auger is an alternative to the standard belt conveyor. Either system provides fast and efficient concrete flow to the mold.




GT-3600 slipform paver sensor arms and mounts

The GT-3600 sensor arms and mounts are more durable, lighter weight, and easier to manipulate than ever before.






Conveyor Belt Wiper

GT-3600 slipform paver conveyor belt wiper

The conveyor belt wiper is a standard bolt-on attachment for the GT-3600 and features segmented blades mounted on individual cushions. This feature allows the cleaning tips to maintain continuous contact without the need for constant adjustment. The spring tension design allows a quick and easy adjustment.










Guillotine-Style and California-Style Curb Depressors

Another feature on the GT-3600 is the optional hydraulic-powered driveway depressors, available for curb and gutter molds. This feature allows the GT-3600 to eliminate wasted material while slipforming through driveways.


California stye curb depressor

Curved Blade: California-style curb depressor has a curved blade that enters the face of the curb, providing a smooth finish.




guillotine style curb depressor

Straight Blade: Guillotine-style curb depressor has a straight blade that enters the face of the curb while slipforming through driveways.






guillotine style curb depressor

A GT-3600 uses the guillotine-style curb depressor to block out the curb for a driveway. The California-style depressor would have provided a smooth, rounded finish to the curb line.





Sectionalized Trimmerhead

GT-3600 slipform paver trimmerhead

The standard 30 inch (762 mm) wide trimmerhead with insert sections provides up to a 66 inch (1676 mm) wide sectionalized trimmerhead with right-hand or left-hand discharge available. The insert sections are available in 12 inch (305 mm), 18 inch (457 mm), and 24 inch (610 mm) widths.




Sideshifting Trimmerhead

GT-3600 slipform paver sideshifting trimmerhead

The trimmerhead can be raised and also sideshifted up to 48 inches (1219 mm) for clearance of obstacles and to allow the GT-3600 to pave right up to the obstacle. The mold can then be hydraulically lifted off the curb and over obstacles.







Hydraulic Vertical Adjustment

The ability to raise and lower the trimmerhead and mold makes the GT-3600 ideal for rehabilitation work and going over driveways, manholes, and other obstacles. The GT-3600 can pave right up to the driveway. Then the operator raises the mold, allowing the machine to travel across the distance of the driveway, without leaving the stringline. The mold is then lowered to grade and slipforming continues.


GT-3600 slipform paver

GT-3600 slipform paver

A GT-3600 uses hydraulic vertical adjustment to slipform up to and over a driveway within a residential area.





All-Track Positioning (ATP)

This provides the versatility in our slipform pavers. GOMACO's left-front track features a pivoting power-swing, the right-front track hydraulically extends/retracts, and the rear track hydraulically sideshifts. Each leg has a reinforced steel attachment plate that allows extra leg height adjustment. ATP provides the capability of performing various applications and working with differences in grade elevations and unique job-site logistics.




G+® Controls – Designed For Concrete Paving


It is now the technology that pulls everything together... G+ is the center that Connects all of the resources.

GT-3600 slipform paver G+ controls

Once you experience G+ controls, you won't be satisfied with anything else. It's a control system that is both easy to learn and easy to operate. G+ expresses itself in easy to understand international icons and full script explanations. It operates in all the major languages of the world and offers metric or imperial measurements. It has a lightning-fast processing speed and features two-way communications between the paver accessories and G+. Its instant digital feedback combined with the tight closed-loop electronic and hydraulic control creates a G+ paving experience that is smooth, efficient, and accurate. There is nothing on the market that can compare, because G+ is a proprietary system that was designed by our in-house control experts from what we have learned from years of experience in the field, and from what we have learned from you, our customer.

- Machine Setup and Operation is Simple
- Machine Response is Faster
- Troubleshooting is Pinpointed, Quicker, and Easier

The exclusive GOMACO G+ control system features self-diagnostics for grade and steering. It features new and easy-to-operate hardware with steering and travel dials. The elevation jog buttons, located to the left of the display screen, are used to manually change the elevation of the leg when the control loop is set to manual mode. The steering jog buttons, located above the display screen, are used to manually change the steer direction of the leg when the control loop is in the manual mode.

A flat-panel 6.5 inch (165 mm) anti-glare display screen is provided with sensor-controlled backlight levels for superior visibility in all operating conditions. The screen is rugged and shock resistant in its construction to protect against dust, moisture, and rain. G+ provides a full color display on the control panel to illustrate the various aspects of the paver for set up and operation. A "run" screen on the control panel illustrates the various aspects of the paver. It includes leg position, paving speed and percentage of drive, steering, travel information, grade information, deviation meters, and more. Newly designed icons and color graphics make it easy to understand and easy to identify the targeted functions. G+ controls feature a detailed fault history with the time stamp date and information to track when each fault occurred. GOMACO's G+ control system has been proven around the world.




The GT-3600 has the new GBox on every leg to accommodate improved steering and grade with G+ controls. It's part of GOMACO's electronic and hydraulic initiative. The GBox features a new location for the slave controller and proportional valves, reduces hose and wiring needs, eases serviceability and troubleshooting, and provides easy access with a horizontal swing door at ground level.


GT-3600 slipform paver

G Box

GOMACO's GBox with a plexiglass covering at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014.



GT-3600 Illustrations


GT-3600 slipform paver graphic





GT-3600 slipform paver graphic





GT-3600 slipform paver graphic





GT-3600 slipform paver graphic





GT-3600 slipform paver graphic






GT-3600 slipform paver graphic

The centermounted mold (seen directly above and below) on the GT-3600 is built with a "frame around a frame" concept, which is illustrated by the orange sections of framework in these drawings.


GT-3600 slipform paver graphic




Designed For Safety

The GT-3600 is carefully designed to give years of dependable and safe service. Emergency stop buttons (E-Stops) are located on strategic areas of the machine. The E-Stops are on the operator's console and on corners of the machine, or they can be positioned at various points on the machine providing optimal use for specific applications.

Other safety features include track guards, warning decals, an operator's manual, and a safety manual. GOMACO machines are also designed to provide the operator maximum visibility over the entire paving operation.

GOMACO Corporation recommends the implementation of all safety procedures.


GT-3600 slipform paver conveyor

Operational Visibility and Safety - The operator has a clear view of the conveyor, concrete truck, and the chute man, providing operational safety.



GOMACO's Selective Steer Controls

Featuring steering choices for job-site mobility and transportability.

Selective steering options can be chosen by the operator when they turn the selective track steering dial to either the stringline steer mode, or the manual steering choices of coordinated steer, crab steer, front steer, or rear steer.

All-Track Steer (ATS) is great for saving time when getting on and off stringline, job-site mobility, and loading and unloading for transport. The ability to steer three tracks of a paver also provides accurate steering control when pouring barrier and parapet, sidewalk, or 10 foot (3 m) wide paving.

ATS provides the ability to steer around a tight radius, rather than sliding on grade. When all tracks have the capability to steer, you eliminate the skid steer action through a radius and produce a high quality end product without continual manual adjustment of the machine sensors. The end product is a radius that is an accurate reflection of the stringline.


stringline steer mode

Stringline Steer Mode - This mode is selected when steering is to be controlled by the steering sensors. With the machine on line and in automatic steer, the operator walks the machine in reverse to the existing curb and gutter, utilizing the Reverse Steer feature. Then, flipping the switch to forward steer, the operator starts to slipform.



coordinated steer

Coordinated Steer - For minimum turning radius. When the steer select switch is in the Coordinated Steer position, the steering control dial will control the turning of the tracks. When the dial is in the center position, the tracks will be straight ahead. If the dial is turned left or right from the center position, the leading tracks will turn in the corresponding direction and the trailing track will turn in the opposite direction.



crab steer

Crab Steer - Walks sideways for ease in putting the machine on line. When the steer select switch is in the Crab Steer position, the steering control dial will control the turning of the tracks. If the dial is turned left or right from the center position, all tracks will turn in the corresponding direction to walk the machine sideways.



front steer

Front Steer - When the steer select switch is in the Front Steer position and the steering control dial is turned left or right from the center position, the front tracks will turn in the corresponding direction and the rear track will remain straight.



rear steer

Rear Steer - When the steer select switch is in the Rear Steer position and the steering control dial is turned left or right from the center position, the rear track will turn in the corresponding direction and the front tracks will remain straight.









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